Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Be The Light At The End Of The Tunnel!

Indonesia is on my mind. We can learn a lot from this amazing part of the world. Perhaps the most important thing is that happiness is not related to material wealth. This is not to say that money is bad. Money is only a tool. It can be used to do good or bad. Send me all your money - I will do amazing things with it!

So funny, the world today. So many people wanting to shout that the sky is falling. The economy, the environment, 2012... go figure... I, for one, have never seen so much hope in the world. Think about it. This coming year two electric car models are being released. It's possible to get one and then park a solar panel right next to it in the driveway. It's possible to eat a healthy, all locally produced diet. It's possible to be happy right now. It's possible to make a living doing anything. Tune in - turn on - drop in!

This is my new blog space, where I will write about my vision for the future and upcoming and current film projects, surfing, music, art, food and social consciousness. This has got to be the most exciting time to be alive. There are infinite possibilities.

I have been surfing since I was 9 years old and I see the world in surfing terms. Right now there is a big wave coming. The way I have always pictured it is like a wave approaching a point of land. See, as a wave travels across the ocean it becomes organized into a band of energy. The farther that wave travels, the more defined and organized it becomes. For example, in California, if a wave comes from a storm off Antarctica it will be far more organized than a wave from a storm only 500 miles off the coast. And so on. But these waves in the deep water of the open ocean can never become the beautiful, arching, peeling, pieces of magic that surfers live to ride until they reach the shallow waters and feel the bottom. As they come into contact with the bottom they grow, change, stand up, and become something new. They change form and break. In their breaking is revealed their highest beauty. They peel down that point of land as a majestic expression of the immutable magic of nature... and then they die. So wonderful how in their death is contained their greatest beauty.
I have for a long time thought of the progression of our society as a wave. The events of the early part of the new century are us first feeling, and then hitting, the bottom. I have hope that the wave will now stand up, change form, and peel.

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